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Oak Heights

From the curb, this home will instantly catch your eye! The black and white exterior is striking and modern, with natural wood siding to keep the design fresh and add a touch of warmth. The dark exterior emphasizes the crisp lines and architectural features and defines the silhouette of this home.

Once inside, the open concept floor plan allows fluid motion between rooms. High ceilings, large windows and light colors throughout the space work together to make this home feel spacious and welcoming, while dark accents add a striking modern touch. A navy paneled accent wall behind the dining area provides a beautiful, unique focal point, with the window keeping the area as light as the rest of the room. 

This home features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, all designed to maximize space in a modern, cozy atmosphere. The fenced backyard is also home to a wonderful outdoor living space, covered by a striking timber truss.


Austin, TX



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