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Rabb Glenn





This custom home features an open concept design for fluid movement between each room. The kitchen has a large island with ample counter space and seating, and a modern appearance with stainless steel appliances, dark gray countertops and concrete floors. From the kitchen, you can see throughout the lower floor of the house as well as the entirety of the lawn. The numerous windows open up the space by with large amounts of natural light. 


The master bedroom is separated from the main area of the house by a hallway to give more privacy. The walk-in closet for the master bedroom is located under the stairs, cleverly utilizing all of the space available, and the vaulted ceilings in the bedroom make the room more spacious. This home features strong color contrast with the black casement around all of the windows in addition to the dark countertops used throughout the house. The hexagonal tiles used in the bathrooms are visually pleasing. The master bathroom has several practical features, including a large mirror to open up the space and a built-in bench in the shower. The detached garage with an accessory space above is both practical and visually appealing. The accessory space has a large deck off the side of the garage as well as a balcony upstairs. Leading to the deck on the side of the garage are two massive sliding glass doors. The space in the accessory unit is utilized extremely well as there is ample storage under the stairs and in the walk-in closet upstairs. 

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